Shenzhou 8 to 19

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The Shenzhou spacecraft is a Chinese crewed spacecraft developed under Project 921, which started development in 1992. It resembles the Soyuz in design, but noticeably larger. It first flew unmanned in 1999, and it carried its first taikonaut to space in 2003 during its fifth mission. Since 2021, the Shenzhou is the primary transport vehicle for taikonaut crews to and from the Tiangong Space Station


  • This addon only includes Shenzhou flights from 2011 to Present. For earlier missions, see the Shenzhou 1 to 6 and Shenzhou 7 addons instead
  • Requires both Tiangong 1 and 2 and Tiangong Space Station addons in order for these missions to be viewed onto Celestia
  • The default "Go-to button" will take you to the program's most recent mission launched. As of May 2024, this mission is Shenzhou 18

Mission Start End
Shenzhou 8 2011-Oct-312011-Nov-17
Uncrewed test flight to Tiangong 1
Shenzhou 9 2012-Jun-162012-Jun-29
Tiangong 1 (Expedition 1), 12 days
Shenzhou 10 2013-Jun-112013-Jun-26
Tiangong 1 (Expedition 2), 15 days
Shenzhou 11 2016-Oct-162016-Nov-18
Tiangong 2 (Expedition 1), 33 days
Shenzhou 12 2021-Jun-172021-Sept-17
Tiangong (Expedition 1), 92 days
Shenzhou 13 2021-Oct-152022-Apr-16
Tiangong (Expedition 2), 182 days
Shenzhou 14 2022-Jun-52022-Dec-4
Tiangong (Expedition 3), 182 days
Shenzhou 15 2022-Nov-292023-Jun-3
Tiangong (Expedition 4), 185 days
Shenzhou 16 2023-May-302023-Oct-30
Tiangong (Expedition 5)
Shenzhou 17 2023-Oct-262024-Apr-30
Tiangong (Expedition 6)
Shenzhou 18 2024-Apr-252024
Tiangong (Expedition 7)
Timeline of Shenzhou flights since 2011 (as of 2024-May-8)

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