Defense Support Program

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The Defense Support Program is a series of early missile warning satellites operated by the US Air Force. 23 such satellites were launched from 1970-2007. This addon covers only the Phase III satellites (14 to 23), which launched from 1989-2007

Notes: the DSP-16 satellite requires the Space Shuttle addon for it to work properly in Celestia, since it was launched from the payload bay of STS-44 (Atlantis)

Defense Support Program
(Phase III, 1989-2007)
Mission Start End
DSP-14 (USA-39) 1989-Jun-14(Active)
DSP-15 (USA-65) 1990-Nov-132006
DSP-16 (USA-75) 1991-Nov-242016
Launched aboard STS-44 (Atlantis)
DSP-17 (USA-107) 1994-Dec-222019-Mar
DSP-18 (USA-130) 1997-Feb-23(Active)
DSP-19 (USA-142) 1999-Apr-9
Stranded in wrong orbit after IUS malfunction
DSP-20 (USA-149) 2000-May-8(Active)
DSP-21 (USA-159) 2001-Aug-6(Active)
DSP-22 (USA-176) 2004-Feb-14(Active)
DSP-23 (USA-197) 2007-Nov-112008-Sept
Malfunctioned before becoming fully operational

Launch vehicles that lifted DSP satellites to orbit include the Delta IV-Heavy (top-left), Titan IV-B (top-right), and the Space Shuttle (bottom)

Flight hardware for DSP-14 and 15 (top), DSP-16 (center), DSP-17 and 18 (bottom)

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