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The Space Shuttle program is NASA's manned space program that ran during the post-Apollo era from 1981 to 2011. It flew 135 missions, of which 133 of them were successful (the other two led to the catastrophic failures that killed a total of 14 astronauts in 1986 and 2003). There are five operational Space Shuttle orbiters built (Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavour), with the first two destroyed in the aforementioned accidents. See the table below to view each shuttle mission by date


Some shuttle missions don't work properly without the following add-ons installed

  • Hubble Space Telescope
  • International Space Station
  • Mir
  • Solar Maximum Mission


    Here are the add-ons that will populate the payload bay of a specific Shuttle mission

    • ACTS
    • Chandra
    • Compton
    • Earth Radiation Budget Satellite
    • EURECA
    • Galileo
    • HS-376
    • INSAT-1
    • Intelsat-VI
    • LAGEOS
    • Long Duration Exposure Facility
    • Magellan
    • Satcom-K
    • Syncom-IV/Leasat
    • SDS-2/Quasar
    • Tracking & Data Relay Satellite
    • UARS
    • Ulysses


      • All 135 shuttle missions included here will not appear on the Present Day. Adjust your date and time according to the dates given on the Table below
      • By default, most of the Shuttle missions have empty payload bays, but that can be filled up by the additional add-ons written above

      OV-102 (Columbia), 1981-2003 (28 flights)

      Space Shuttle
      Mission Start End
      STS-1 (Columbia) 1981-Apr-121981-Apr-14
      STS-2 (Columbia) 1981-Nov-121981-Nov-14
      STS-3 (Columbia) 1982-Mar-221982-Mar-30
      STS-4 (Columbia) 1982-Jun-271982-Jul-4
      STS-5 (Columbia) 1982-Nov-111982-Nov-16
      SBS-3, Anik C3 (first satellite deployment mission)
      STS-6 (Challenger) 1983-Apr-41983-Apr-9
      STS-7 (Challenger) 1983-Jun-181983-Jun-24
      Anik C2, Palapa B1, SPAS-1, flight of Sally Ride
      STS-8 (Challenger) 1983-Aug-301983-Sept-5
      Deployed INSAT-1
      STS-9 (Columbia) 1983-Nov-281983-Dec-8
      STS-41-B (Challenger) 1984-Feb-31984-Feb-11
      Palapa B2, Westar 6 (both stranded), SPAS-1A
      STS-41-C (Challenger) 1984-Apr-61984-Apr-13
      Deployed LDEF and repaired SolarMax
      STS-41-D (Discovery) 1984-Aug-301984-Sept-5
      SBS-4, Telstar 303, Leasat 2
      STS-41-G (Challenger) 1984-Oct-51984-Oct-13
      Earth Radiation Budget Satellite
      STS-51-A (Discovery) 1984-Nov-81984-Nov-16
      Anik D2, Leasat 1, retrieved stranded satellites from STS-41-B
      STS-51-C (Discovery) 1985-Jan-241985-Jan-27
      Classified DoD mission, deployed Magnum-1
      STS-51-D (Discovery) 1985-Apr-121985-Apr-19
      Anik C1, Leasat 3 (stranded)
      STS-51-B (Challenger) 1985-Apr-291985-May-6
      STS-51-G (Discovery) 1985-Jun-171985-Jun-24
      Arabsat-1B, Morelos 1, Telstar 304, SPARTAN-201
      STS-51-F (Challenger) 1985-Jul-291985-Aug-6
      Abort-to-Orbit, Spacelab-2
      STS-51-I (Discovery) 1985-Aug-271985-Sept-3
      Aussat 1, ASC-1, Leasat 4, repaired Leasat 3
      STS-51-J (Atlantis) 1985-Oct-31985-Oct-7
      Classified DoD mission, deployed two DSCS-3 satellites
      STS-61-A (Challenger) 1985-Oct-301985-Nov-6
      STS-61-B (Atlantis) 1985-Nov-271985-Dec-3
      Aussat 2, Morelos 2, Satcom-K2
      STS-61-C (Columbia) 1986-Jan-121986-Jan-18
      STS-51-L (Challenger) 1986-Jan-28
      TDRS-2, disintegrated during ascent, T+73 seconds
      STS-26 (Discovery) 1988-Sept-291988-Oct-3
      TDRS-3, Return-to-Flight
      STS-27 (Atlantis) 1988-Dec-21988-Dec-6
      Classified DoD mission, deployed Lacrosse-1
      STS-29 (Discovery) 1989-Mar-131989-Mar-18
      STS-30 (Atlantis) 1989-May-41989-May-8
      STS-28 (Columbia) 1989-Aug-81989-Aug-13
      Classified DoD mission, deployed SDS 2-1
      STS-34 (Atlantis) 1989-Oct-181989-Oct-23
      STS-33 (Discovery) 1989-Nov-231989-Nov=28
      Classified DoD mission, deployed Magnum-2
      STS-32 (Columbia) 1990-Jan-91990-Jan-20
      Leasat 5, retrieved LDEF
      STS-36 (Atlantis) 1990-Feb-281990-Mar-4
      Classified DoD mission, deployed a KH-11 spy satellite
      STS-31 (Discovery) 1990-Apr-241990-Apr-29
      Hubble Space Telescope
      STS-41 (Discovery) 1990-Oct-61990-Oct-10
      STS-38 (Atlantis) 1990-Nov-151990-Nov-20
      Classified DoD mission, deployed SDS 2-2 and Prowler
      STS-35 (Columbia) 1990-Dec-21990-Dec-11
      STS-37 (Atlantis) 1990-Apr-51990-Apr-11
      Compton Gamma-ray Observatory
      STS-39 (Discovery) 1991-Apr-281991-May-6
      Classified DoD mission
      STS-40 (Columbia) 1991-Jun-51991-Jun-14
      Spacelab SLS-1
      STS-43 (Atlantis) 1991-Aug-21991-Aug-11
      STS-48 (Discovery) 1991-Sept-121991-Sept-18
      Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite
      STS-44 (Atlantis) 1991-Aug-21991-Aug-11
      Classified DoD mission, deployed DSP-16
      STS-42 (Discovery) 1992-Jan-221992-Jan-30
      Spacelab IML-1
      STS-45 (Atlantis) 1992-Mar-241992-Apr-2
      STS-49 (Endeavour) 1992-May-71992-May-16
      Repaired Intelsat 603
      STS-50 (Columbia) 1992-Jun-251992-Jul-9
      Spacelab USML-1
      STS-46 (Atlantis) 1992-Jul-311992-Aug-8
      EURECA, TSS-1
      STS-47 (Endeavour) 1992-Sept-121992-Sept-20
      STS-52 (Columbia) 1992-Oct-221992-Nov-1
      USMP-1, LAGEOS-2
      STS-53 (Discovery) 1992-Dec-21992-Dec-9
      Classified DoD mission, deployed SDS 2-3
      STS-54 (Endeavour) 1992-Sept-121992-Sept-20
      STS-56 (Discovery) 1993-Apr-81993-Apr-17
      ATLAS-2, SPARTAN-201
      STS-55 (Columbia) 1993-Apr-261993-May-6
      STS-57 (Endeavour) 1993-Jun-211993-Jul-1
      SPACEHAB-1, retrieved EURECA
      STS-51 (Discovery) 1993-Sept-121993-Sept-22
      STS-58 (Columbia) 1993-Oct-181993-Nov-1
      Spacelab SLS-2
      STS-61 (Endeavour) 1993-Dec-21993-Dec-13
      Hubble Servicing Mission 1
      STS-60 (Discovery) 1994-Feb-31994-Feb-11
      SPACEHAB-2, WSF-1
      STS-62 (Columbia) 1994-Mar-41994-Mar-18
      STS-59 (Endeavour) 1994-Apr-91994-Apr-20
      EndeavourSpacelab SRL-1
      STS-65 (Columbia) 1994-Jul-81994-Jul-23
      Spacelab IML-2
      STS-64 (Discovery) 1994-Sept-91994-Sept-20
      STS-68 (Endeavour) 1994-Sept-301994-Oct-11
      Spacelab SRL-2
      STS-66 (Atlantis) 1994-Nov-31994-Nov-14
      STS-63 (Discovery) 1995-Feb-31995-Feb-11
      SPACEHAB-3, rendezvous with Mir
      STS-67 (Endeavour) 1995-Mar-21995-Mar-18
      STS-71 (Atlantis) 1995-Jun-271995-Jul-7
      Shuttle-Mir mission, Spacelab
      STS-70 (Discovery) 1995-Jul-131995-Jul-22
      STS-69 (Endeavour) 1995-Sept-71995-Sept-18
      WSF-2, SPARTAN-204
      STS-73 (Columbia) 1995-Oct-201995-Nov-5
      Spacelab USML-2
      STS-74 (Atlantis) 1995-Nov-121995-Nov-20
      Shuttle-Mir mission, Docking Module
      STS-72 (Endeavour) 1996-Jan-111996-Jan-20
      Retrieved the Space Flyer Unit (SFU)
      STS-75 (Columbia) 1996-Feb-221996-Mar-9
      USMP-3, TSS-1R
      STS-74 (Atlantis) 1996-Mar-221996-Mar-31
      Shuttle-Mir mission, SPACEHAB-4
      STS-77 (Endeavour) 1996-May-191996-May-29
      STS-78 (Columbia) 1996-Jun-201996-Jul-7
      Spacelab LMS
      STS-79 (Atlantis) 1996-Sept-161996-Sept-24
      Shuttle-Mir mission, SPACEHAB-6
      STS-80 (Columbia) 1996-Nov-191996-Dec-7
      WSF-3, ORFEUS-SPAS-2
      STS-81 (Atlaantis) 1997-Jan-121997-Jan-22
      Shuttle-Mir mission, SPACEHAB-7
      STS-82 (Discovery) 1997-Feb-111997-Feb-21
      Hubble Servicing Mission 2
      STS-83 (Columbia) 1997-Apr-41997-Apr-8
      Spacelab MSL-1
      STS-84 (Atlantis) 1997-May-151997-May-24
      Shuttle-Mir mission, SPACEHAB-8
      STS-94 (Columbia) 1997-Jul-11997-Jul-17
      Spacelab MSL-1R
      STS-85 (Discovery) 1997-Aug-71997-Aug-19
      STS-86 (Atlantis) 1997-Sept-261997-Oct-6
      Shuttle-Mir mission, SPACEHAB-9
      STS-87 (Columbia) 1997-Nov-191997-Dec-5
      USMP-4, SPARTAN-201
      STS-89 (Endeavour) 1998-Jan-231998-Jan-31
      Shuttle-Mir mission, SPACEHAB-10
      STS-90 (Columbia) 1998-Apr-171998-May-3
      Neurolab, last Spacelab mission
      STS-91 (Discovery) 1998-Jun-21998-Jun-12
      Shuttle-Mir mission, SPACEHAB-11, AMS-1
      STS-95 (Discovery) 1998-Oct-291998-Nov-7
      SPACEHAB-12, return of John Glenn
      STS-88 (Endeavour) 1998-Dec-41998-Dec-16
      ISS Assembly, Unity and PMA-2
      STS-96 (Discovery) 1999-May-271999-Jun-6
      ISS Resupply, SPACEHAB-13
      STS-93 (Columbia) 1999-Jul-231999-Jul-28
      Chandra X-ray Observatory
      STS-103 (Discovery) 1999-Dec-201999-Dec-28
      Hubble Servicing Mission 3A
      STS-99 (Endeavour) 2000-Feb-112000-Feb-22
      Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
      STS-101 (Atlantis) 2000-May-192000-May-29
      ISS Resupply, SPACEHAB-14
      STS-106 (Atlantis) 2000-Sept-82000-Sept-20
      ISS Resupply, SPACEHAB-15
      STS-92 (Discovery) 2000-Oct-82000-Oct-24
      ISS Assembly, Z1 and PMA-3
      STS-97 (Endeavour) 2000-Dec-12000-Dec-11
      ISS Assembly, P6
      STS-98 (Atlantis) 2001-Feb-72001-Feb-20
      ISS Assembly, Destiny
      STS-102 (Discovery) 2001-Mar-82001-Mar-21
      ISS Resupply, MPLM-L1 and ESP-1
      STS-100 (Endeavour) 2001-Apr-192001-May-1
      ISS Resupply, MPLM-R1 and Canadarm2
      STS-104 (Atlantis) 2001-Jul-122001-Jul-25
      ISS Assembly, Quest
      STS-105 (Discovery) 2001-Aug-102001-Aug-22
      ISS Resupply, MPLM-L2
      STS-108 (Endeavour) 2001-Dec-52001-Dec-17
      ISS Resupply, MPLM-R2
      STS-109 (Columbia) 2002-Mar-12002-Mar-12
      Hubble Servicing Mission 3B
      STS-110 (Atlantis) 2002-Apr-82002-Apr-19
      ISS Assembly, S0
      STS-111 (Endeavour) 2002-Jun-52002-Jun-19
      ISS Resupply, MPLM-L3 and MBS
      STS-112 (Atlantis) 2002-Oct-72002-Oct-18
      ISS Assembly, S1
      STS-113 (Endeavour) 2002-Nov-242002-Dec-7
      ISS Assembly, P1
      STS-107 (Columbia) 2003-Jan-162003-Feb-1
      SPACEHAB-16, disintegrated during reentry
      STS-114 (Discovery) 2005-Jul-262005-Aug-9
      ISS Resupply, MPLM-R3 and ESP-2
      STS-121 (Discovery) 2006-Jul-42006-Jul-17
      ISS Resupply, MPLM-L4
      STS-115 (Atlantis) 2006-Sept-92006-Sept-21
      ISS Assembly, P3/P4
      STS-116 (Discovery) 2006-Dec-102006-Dec-22
      ISS Assembly, P5, SPACEHAB-17
      STS-117 (Atlantis) 2007-Jun-82007-Jun-22
      ISS Assembly, S3/S4
      STS-118 (Endeavour) 2007-Aug-82007-Aug-21
      ISS Assembly, S5, SPACEHAB-18
      STS-120 (Discovery) 2007-Oct-232007-Nov-7
      ISS Assembly, Harmony
      STS-122 (Atlantis) 2008-Feb-72008-Feb-20
      ISS Assembly, Columbus
      STS-123 (Endeavour) 2008-Mar-112008-Mar-27
      ISS Assembly, JEM-ELM, Dextre
      STS-124 (Discovery) 2008-May-312008-Jun-14
      ISS Assembly, JEM-PM
      STS-126 (Endeavour) 2008-Mar-112008-Mar-27
      ISS Resupply, MPLM-L5
      STS-119 (Discovery) 2009-Mar-152009-Mar-28
      ISS Assembly, S6
      STS-125 (Atlantis) 2009-May-112009-May-24
      Hubble Servicing Mission 4
      STS-127 (Endeavour) 2009-Jul-152009-Jul-31
      ISS Assembly, JEM-EF
      STS-128 (Discovery) 2009-Mar-152009-Mar-28
      ISS Resupply, MPLM-L6
      STS-129 (Atlantis) 2009-Nov-162009-Nov-27
      ISS Assembly, ELC-1/2
      STS-130 (Endeavour) 2010-Feb-82010-Feb-22
      ISS Assembly, Tranquility and Cupola
      STS-131 (Discovery) 2010-Apr-52010-Apr-20
      ISS Resupply, MPLM-L7
      STS-132 (Atlantis) 2010-May-142010-May-26
      ISS Assembly, Rassvet
      STS-133 (Discovery) 2011-Feb-242011-Mar-9
      ISS Assembly, Leonardo and ELC-4
      STS-134 (Endeavour) 2011-May-162011-Jun-1
      ISS Assembly, AMS-2 and ELC-3
      STS-135 (Atlantis) 2011-Jul-82011-Jul-21
      ISS Resupply, MPLM-R4

      OV-099 (Challenger), 1983-1986 (10 flights)

      OV-103 (Discovery), 1984-2011 (39 flights)

      OV-104 (Atlantis), 1985-2011 (33 flights)

      OV-105 (Endeavour), 1992-2011 (25 flights)

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