Earth Radiation Budget Satellite

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The Earth Radiation Budget Satellite (ERBS) was a NASA Earth observation satellite that launched from Space Shuttle Challenger on 1984-Oct-5. It was the first Shuttle-launched satellite to be placed directly onto space using the Canadarm, and it measured the planet's radiation budget and studied stratospheric aerosol and gases until its decommissioning in 2005. Afterwards, it remained derelict in LEO until it reentered the atmosphere over the Aleutian Islands on 2023-Jan-8


  • Requires the Space Shuttle addon installed in order for this addon to work
  • Also includes the OSTA payload, which flew on two Shuttle missions in 1981 and 1984
  • Shuttle missions modified by this addon: STS-2 and STS-41-G

STS-41-G (Challenger)

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