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The NASA Surveyor program is a series of seven lunar landers intended to study the surface of the Moon up close from 1966 to 1968. Their findings would later prove to be critical to the eventual success of the Apollo program of landing a man on the moon before the decade of the 60s is out. Five landers successfully touched down and relayed data back to Earth, of which one of them (Surveyor 3), is the only spacecraft ever visited by humans (Apollo 12) on an extraterrestrial surface to this day.

Surveyor Program
Mission Landing Site Start End
Surveyor 1 Flamstead Ring Crater1966-May-301967-Jan-7
2nd successful lunar landing after Luna 9 in 1966-Feb-3
Surveyor 2 Copernicus Crater1966-Sept-201966-Sept-23
Mission failure, crashed onto the surface
Surveyor 3 Surveyor Crater1967-Apr-171967-May-3
Later visited by the crew of Apollo 12 in 1969-Nov-20
Surveyor 4 Sinus Medii1967-Jul-141967-Jul-17
Mission failure, crashed onto the surface
Surveyor 5 Sea of Tranquility1967-Sept-81967-Dec-17
Landed just 25 km away from Apollo 11's landing site
Surveyor 6 Sinus Medii1967-Nov-71967-Dec-14
Landed near the crash site of Surveyor 4, and performed the first liftoff from the Moon
Surveyor 7 Tycho Crater1968-Jan-71968-Feb-21
Planned to be visited by the cancelled Apollo 20 mission

Surveyor 3 photographed on the Moon on the Apollo 12 mission

Surveyor 3 and astronaut Pete Conrad on the Moon during Apollo 12, November 1969.

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