Hubble Space Telescope

Author(s): DaveBowman2001 Jestr pedro_jg

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The Hubble Space Telescope is an optical space observatory that was launched into low Earth orbit in 1990 and remains in operation today. It was serviced and upgraded by five shuttle missions from 1993 to 2009.


  • Replaces the default installation of the Hubble Telescope in Celestia
  • Files for the five Hubble Servicing Missions are included here. Requires the Space Shuttle addon installed to view them all
  • Shuttle missions modified by this add-on: STS-31, STS-61, STS-82, STS-103, STS-109, and STS-125

STS-31 (Discovery)

STS-61 (Endeavour)

STS-82 (Discovery)

STS-103 (Discovery)

STS-109 (Columbia)

STS-125 (Atlantis)

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