SpaceX Dragon-XL

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The SpaceX Dragon XL is a planned expendable resupply spacecraft to support future Gateway and Artemis missions. First flight is targeted for 2028, carrying at least 5,000 kg of cargo and each flight can last up to 6 to 12 months. Since it can't return back to Earth, they are to be disposed into heliocentric orbit at the end of each mission


  • Requires the Lunar Gateway installed for this add-on to work
  • The default "Go-to Object" button takes you to the very first planned mission of the program, SpaceX GLS-1

Gateway Logistics Services
Mission Start End
SpaceX GLS-1 2028
Logistics support for Artemis 5. Deliver Canadarm3 to Gateway
SpaceX GLS-2 2029
Logistics support for Artemis 6
SpaceX GLS-3 2030
Logistics support for Artemis 7
SpaceX GLS-4 2031
Logistics support for Artemis 8
Timeline of SpaceX Dragon-XL flights (2028-Beyond)

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