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The Artemis Program is a NASA-led multinational lunar exploration program that will reestablish human presence on the Moon since Apollo 17 in 1972. It was formally established in 2017 as a replacement/successor to the Space Shuttle and Constellation programs, and its long-term goal is to establish a permanent base camp on the Moon and facilitate human missions to Mars. Although many spacecraft will be involved in support of this program, the main transport for astronauts to and from lunar orbit will be the Orion spacecraft, which had conducted two maiden flights in 2014 and 2022. The first crewed landing on the Moon in the 21st century is scheduled to occur by 2025


  • This addon only includes the Orion spacecraft. Other components (like CAPSTONE, the CLPS landers, Starship HLS, etc.) will be released as separate addons
  • The maiden flight of Orion is a separate addon here: Exploration Flight Test-1
  • The Artemis 2 mission is not yet included as there has no sufficient public information to accurately simulate it on Celestia
  • Requires the Lunar Gateway addon to view missions Artemis 3 and beyond

Project Artemis
Mission Start End
Exploration Flight Test-1 2014-Dec-5
Maiden flight of the Orion. Launched on a Delta IV-Heavy
Artemis 1 2022-Nov-162022-Dec-11
Maiden flight of the SLS rocket
Artemis 2 May 2024
First crewed Artemis mission
Artemis 3 2025
1st crewed lunar landing since Apollo 17, and first visit to the Lunar Gateway
Artemis 4 2027
Lunar landing. Delivery of I-HAB to the Lunar Gateway
Artemis 5 2028
Lunar landing. Delivery of I-HAB to the Lunar Gateway
Artemis 6 2029
Lunar landing. Delivery of ESPRIT to the Lunar Gateway
Artemis 7 2030
Most likely a non-Orion cargo lunar landing mission
Artemis 8 2031
Artemis 9 2032
Artemis 10 2033
Timeline of the Artemis Program as of 2022-Nov-16. Take note that all dates after Artemis 1 are based on 2021 proposed plans and not actual scheduled flights

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