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The Artemis Program is a NASA-led multinational lunar exploration program that will reestablish human presence on the Moon since Apollo 17 in 1972. It was formally established in 2017 as a replacement/successor to the Space Shuttle and Constellation programs, aiming to make the first crewed landing on the Moon in the 21st century by 2025


  • This addon only includes the Orion spacecraft. Other components (like CAPSTONE, the CLPS landers, Starship HLS, etc.) will be released as separate addons
  • The maiden flight of Orion is a separate addon here: Exploration Flight Test-1
  • The Artemis 2 mission is not yet included as there has no sufficient public information to accurately simulate it on Celestia
  • For Artemis 3 and beyond, the Lunar Gateway addon must be installed first

Project Artemis
Mission Start End
Exploration Flight Test-1 2014-Dec-5
Maiden flight of the Orion. Launched on a Delta IV-Heavy
Artemis 1 2022-Nov-162022-Dec-11
Maiden flight of the SLS rocket
Artemis 2 Nov 2024
First crewed Artemis mission
Artemis 3 2025
1st crewed lunar landing since Apollo 17, and first visit to the Lunar Gateway
Artemis 4 2028
Lunar landing. Delivery of I-HAB to the Lunar Gateway
Artemis 5 2029
Lunar landing. Delivery of I-HAB to the Lunar Gateway
Artemis 6 2030
Lunar landing. Delivery of ESPRIT to the Lunar Gateway
Artemis 7 2031
Lunar landing. Delivery of Airlock to the Lunar Gateway
Artemis 8 2032
Artemis 9 2033
Artemis 10 2034
Artemis 11 2035
Timeline of the Artemis Program as of 2022-Nov-16. Take note that all dates after Artemis 1 are based on 2023 proposed plans and not actual scheduled flights

Launch of SLS with Artemis 1, 2022-Nov-16

The crew of Artemis 2 (Clockwise from left: Christina Koch, Victor Glover, Jeremy Hansen, Reid Wiseman)

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