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INSAT-1 is a series of four first-generation Indian communications/weather satellites launched from 1982 to 1990. One of the satellites of this series, INSAT-1B, is the sixth satellite ever deployed from a Space Shuttle


  • - Requires the Space Shuttle addon installed in order for INSAT-1B to be viewed on Celestia
  • - The other three satellites can still be seen even without the shuttle addon installed
  • - Shuttle missions modified by this addon: STS-8

An INSAT-1 satellite in geosynchronous orbit

STS-8 (Challenger) carrying INSAT-1B and other payloads

INSAT-1B being deployed from the payload bay of STS-8 (Challenger)

Mission Start End
INSAT-1A 1982-Apr-101983-Sept-6
INSAT-1B 1983-Aug-301993-Aug
Launched during STS-8 (Challenger)
INSAT-1C 1988-Jul-211989-Nov-8
INSAT-1D 1990-Jun-122002-May-14
Timeline of the four INSAT-1 satellites, 1982-1990

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