Tianzhou 1 to 7

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The Tianzhou spacecraft is a Chinese cargo spacecraft designed to carry 6.9-7.4 tons of supplies to the Chinese Space Station. Its design is directly derived from Tiangong 1, and (as of February 2024) has flown a total of seven times since 2017


  • Requires both the Tiangong 1 and 2 and Tiangong Space Station add-ons installed first for this to fully work on Celestia
  • Depending on the current date, a Tianzhou spacecraft may or may not be present in simulation. Refer to the table below on when each mission has visited the station
  • The "Go-to Object" button will take you to the most recent mission of the program. As of February 19th, this mission is Tianzhou 7

Mission Start End
Tianzhou 1 2017-Apr-202017-Sept-22
Maiden test flight to Tiangong 2
Tianzhou 2 2021-May-292022-Mar-31
Tianzhou 3 2021-Sept-202022-Jul-27
Tianzhou 4 2022-May-92022-Nov-14
Tianzhou 5 2022-Nov-122023-Sept-12
Current record holder for fastest space rendezvous/docking in history (2 hours)
Tianzhou 6 2023-May-102024-Jan-12
Tianzhou 7 2024-Jan-172024
Timeline of Tianzhou cargo flights (since 2017)

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