Tiangong Space Station

Author(s): Thomas Tarrants (Sirius_Alpha) DaveBowman2001

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Tiangong is a modular space station that has been constructed and completed by China from 2021-2022. It has an orbital mass of 60 tons, roughly about 1/5 the mass of the ISS and have the same size as Mir. As of October 2023, about six long-term Shenzhou expeditions have stayed aboard the station, each staying about six months aboard starting with the second expedition

The Tiangong Space Station (as of 2023-May-23)


Since February 2023, all visiting missions to the space station are separated into their own co-dependent addons. These are the following:

  • Shenzhou 8 to 17
  • Tianzhou 1 to 6
  • Open in Celestia (Recommended) or Download

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