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The H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV), also known as Kounotori, is a Japanese expendable cargo spacecraft that can carry up to 6,000 kg of supplies to the ISS, particularly the station's Kibō module. It was launched nine times from 2009 to 2020. A successor spacecraft, the HTV-X, is in active development


  • The default Go-to Object will take you to the ISS itself. Refer to the dates given on the Table below on when the nine HTV missions can be viewed on Celestia
  • Requires the International Space Station addon installed for this to fully work on Celestia

H-II Transfer Vehicle
Mission Start End
HTV-1 2009-Sept-102009-Nov-1
HTV-2 2011-Jan-222011-Mar-30
HTV-3 2012-Jul-212012-Sept-14
HTV-4 2013-Aug-32013-Sept-7
HTV-5 2015-Aug-192015-Sept-29
HTV-6 2016-Dec-92017-Feb-5
HTV-7 2018-Sept-222018-Nov-10
HTV-8 2019-Sept-242019-Nov-3
HTV-9 2020-May-202020-Aug-20

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