International Space Station

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The International Space Station (ISS) is the largest spacecraft currently in LEO. It is a multinational collaborative project between five space agencies across the world, which began construction in 1998. As of November 2023, it hosted 70 long-duration Expedition crews since 2000, holding the record for the longest continuous human habitation in space


  • This addon will replace the stock installation of the ISS.
  • Due to limitations of Celestia's own programming regarding orbits of artificial satellites, the orbit of the ISS does not reflect its real life trajectory, only its basic orbital information as of 2001-Apr-28 (i.e. the same as the default ISS's orbit)

The International Space Station (as of 2023-Nov-3)



Since January 2023, all visiting missions to the space station are separated into their own co-dependent addons. These are the following:

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