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Cygnus is an expendable American cargo spacecraft developed by Orbital Sciences (later ATK and subsequently Northrop Grumman) to resupply the International Space Station as part of the Commercial Resupply Services program. As of February 2024, there are a total of 20 flights launched since 2013, four of which used the Standard model and all later flights using the Enhanced model


  • Requires the International Space Station add-on installed first for this to work properly on Celestia
  • Depending on the current date, a Cygnus spacecraft may or may not be present in simulation. Refer to the table below on when each mission has visited the station
  • The "Go-to Object" button will take you to the most recent mission of the program. As of August 8th, this mission is Cygnus NG-20

Cygnus (Standard)

Mission Start End
Antares A-ONE 2013-Apr-21
Cygnus mass simulator, maiden flight of the Antares rocket
Cygnus Orb-D1 (S.S G. David Low) 2013-Sept-292013-Oct-22
First flight of the Cygnus (Standard) spacecraft
Cygnus Orb-1 (S.S C. Gordon Fullerton) 2014-Jan-122014-Feb-18
Cygnus Orb-2 (S.S Janice Voss) 2014-Jul-162014-Aug-15
Cygnus Orb-3 (S.S Deke Slayton) 2014-Oct-28
Final flight of the Cygnus (Standard) spacecraft. Destroyed in a launch failure
Cygnus OA-4 (S.S Deke Slayton II) 2015-Dec-92016-Feb-19
First flight of the Cygnus (Enhanced) spacecraft. Launched on an Atlas V
Cygnus OA-6 (S.S Rick Husband) 2016-Mar-262016-Jun-14
Launched on an Atlas V
Cygnus OA-5 (S.S Alan Poindexter) 2016-Oct-232016-Nov-21
Cygnus OA-7 (S.S John Glenn) 2017-Apr-222017-Jun-4
Launched on an Atlas V
Cygnus OA-8E (S.S Gene Cernan) 2017-Nov-142017-Dec-6
Cygnus OA-9E (S.S J.R. Thompson) 2018-May-242018-Jul-15
Cygnus NG-10 (S.S John Young) 2018-Nov-192019-Feb-8)
Cygnus NG-11 (S.S Roger Chaffee) 2019-Apr-192019-Aug-6
Cygnus NG-12 (S.S Alan Bean) 2019-Nov-42020-Jan-31
Cygnus NG-13 (S.S Robert Lawrence, Jr.) 2020-Feb-182020-May-11
Cygnus NG-14 (S.S Kalpana Chawla) 2020-Oct-52021-Nov-6
Cygnus NG-15 (S.S Katherine Johnson) 2021-Feb-222021-Jun-29
Cygnus NG-16 (S.S Ellison Onizuka) 2021-Aug-122021-Nov-20
Cygnus NG-17 (S.S Piers Sellers) 2022-Feb-212022-Jun-28
Cygnus NG-18 (S.S Sally Ride) 2022-Nov-92023-Apr-21
Cygnus NG-19 (S.S Laurel Clark) 2023-Aug-42023-Oct
Cygnus NG-20 (S.S Patricia Robertson) 2024-Jan-302024
Launched on a Falcon 9
Cygnus NG-21 2024
To be launched on a Falcon 9
Cygnus NG-22 2025
To be launched on a Falcon 9
Cygnus NG-23 2026
To be launched on a Falcon 9
Cygnus NG-24 2027
Cygnus NG-25 2028

Cygnus (Enhanced)

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