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The Intelsat VI-series were the sixth generation communications satellites built by the Hughes Aircraft Company for the Intelsat Corporation. From 1989 to 1991, a total of five satellites, each weighing 4,330 kg, were launched into GEO. One satellite (Intelsat 603) was left stranded in LEO after a launch failure in 1990, where it was subsequently rescued during the maiden flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour in May 1992


  • Requires the Space Shuttle addon installed to view Intelsat 603, however the other four satellites can still be visited even without that addon installed
  • Shuttle missions modified by this addon: STS-49

An Intelsat-VI satellite in geosynchronous orbit

STS-49 (Endeavour) and Intelsat 603

Mission Start End
Intelsat 602 1989-Oct-272013-Jul
Intelsat 603 1990-Mar-142015-Feb
Intelsat 603 was stranded in LEO until it was reboosted by STS-49 (Endeavour) on 1992-May-14
Intelsat 604 1990-Jun-232006-Apr-6
Intelsat 605 1991-Aug-142009-Jan
Intelsat 601 1991-Oct-292011-Oct

Timeline of every Intelsat-VI satellite, 1989-2015

Intelsat 603 being installed by its new booster by the three astronauts of STS-49, 1992-May-13

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