Salyut 2 and 3

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Salyut 3, also known secretly as Almaz 2, was a Soviet space station in orbit for only 7 months between 1974 and 1975. Together with its ill-fated sibling, Salyut 2 (which was destroyed by orbital debris), they were designed as manned spy satellites for the Soviet military. Salyut 3 is notable for being the only known spacecraft to carry an onboard gun. It was only visited once by a cosmonaut crew. Both Salyut 2 and Salyut 3 are the third and fifth space stations launched as part of the Salyut series


  • Salyut 2, the failed predecessor of Salyut 3, is also included in this add-on
  • The exact location of Salyut 3's onboard gun (a modified Rikhter R-23 anti-aircraft cannon) is never revealed. As a result, this isn't modelled on this addon
  • Requires the Soyuz: 1971-1981 addon for the visiting missions

Salyut Program
Mission Start End
Salyut 2 (Almaz 1) 1973-Apr-31973-May-28
Destroyed by orbital debris on 1973-Apr-13, rendering it unusable
Salyut 3 (Almaz 2) 1974-Jun-251975-Jan-24
Only space station with an onboard gun. Visited by one Soyuz spacecraft

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