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Buran was the first reusable spacecraft developed by the Soviet Union. Originally developed as a response to the US Space Shuttle program, it ultimately flew only one test flight (1K1) in 1988-Nov-15 before the project was abandoned in the aftermath of the Soviet Union's collapse in 1991

Buran Program
Mission Start End
Buran (1K1) 1988-Nov-15
Uncrewed 2-hour orbital test flight. Only spaceflight of the entire Buran Program
Ptichka (2K1) 1991-Dec
Cancelled. Uncrewed 1-2 day orbital test flight
Ptichka (2K2) 1992
Cancelled. Uncrewed 7-8 day mission to Mir
Buran (1K2) 1993
Cancelled. Uncrewed 15-20 day mission to Mir
Orbiter 2.01 (3K1) 1994
Cancelled. First crewed spaceflight, to be flown by cosmonauts Igor Volk and Aleksandr Ivanchenko

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