Salyut 4

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Salyut 4 was a Soviet space station in orbit from 1974 to 1977. It was visited by two crewed missions arriving in Soyuz spacecraft, with the second one lasted for 63 days, overlapping with the ASTP in 1975. Along with its ill-fated identical twin, Cosmos 557 in 1973, they were the fourth and sixth space stations launched as part of the Salyut series


  • Cosmos 557, the failed identical twin of Salyut 4, is also included in this addon
  • Requires the Soyuz: 1971-1981 addon for the visiting missions

Salyut Program
Mission Start End
Cosmos 557 1973-May-111973-May-22
Also known as DOS-3. Launched 3 days before Skylab, it suffered a propulsion failure that rendered it uncontrollable
Salyut 4 (DOS-4) 1974-Dec-261977-Feb-3
Relaunch of DOS-3, visited by three Soyuz spacecraft (two were crewed)

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