Axiom Space Station

Author(s): DaveBowman2001

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The Axiom Space Station (AxS), also known as the Axiom Orbital Segment, are a number of planned future components of the International Space Station starting late 2025. Three modules will be initially attached on the front berthing port of the Harmony module, then it will eventually be separated shortly before the ISS is decommissioned sometime before 2031, thus becoming a new independent space station in its own right. Crew and cargo are expected to arrive and depart via SpaceX Dragon 2 capsules


  • The modules of AxS will first appear sometime in December 2025
  • All specific assembly dates are semifictional, especially the post-ISS phases. They are partially based on current plans as of February 2023
  • The AxRMS portion is a clone of the Canadarm3 found in the Lunar Gateway addon. Must be installed first to view it alongside the rest of the station

Phase 1: The Axiom Station attached to the ISS, 2025-2029

Phase 2: Shortly after departing from the ISS, 2029

Phase 3: Transition Phase, 2030

Phase 4: Later Expansion, 2031-Beyond

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