Tianwen 1

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Tianwen-1 is a CNSA interplanetary mission consisting of an orbiter and a lander/rover towards Mars. Arriving on the Red Planet at the same time as Mars Hope and Mars 2020, it later successfully deployed and land the Zhurong rover on May 2021, making China the second country to send a rover on Mars. As of 2024, only the orbiter remains operational


  • The Zhurong rover and lander is NOT yet included on this add-on. Hopefully will be provided in updates in the future
  • Orbital reconstructions on Mars are based on Dr. Daniel Estevez's calculations on his blog

Tianwen-1 (orbiter) during its orbital insertion around Mars, 2021-Feb-10

Zhurong and its landing platform on Utopia Planitia, 2021-Aug-20

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