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Skylab is NASA's space station that operated from 1973-1979. Although heavily damaged during launch, which caused the loss of its micrometeoroid shield and second main solar array, it was successfully visited by three Apollo crews, who stayed onboard for 28, 59, and 84 days respectively. It was planned to be refurbished by the time the Space Shuttle is operational in the 1980s, but increased solar activity caused the station's orbital decay to accelerate, eventually reentering over Australia in July 1979

Mission Start End
Skylab 1973-May-141979-Jul-11
AS-513, the space station itself
Skylab 2 1973-May-251973-Jun-22
Apollo (AS-206), 28 days
Skylab 3 1973-Jul-281973-Sept-25
Apollo (AS-207), 59 days
Skylab 4 1973-Nov-161974-Feb-8
Apollo (AS-208), 84 days
Skylab 5 cancelled
Apollo (AS-209), ~20 days
STS-2A cancelled
OV-102 (Columbia), planned to save Skylab from reentry by July 1979

Final flight of the Saturn V, which carried Skylab to orbit, 1973-May-14

Skylab was damaged during its launch, as seen by the arrival of its first crew just 12 days later, 1973-May-26

Skylab as viewed by the crews of Skylab 2 (top), Skylab 3 (bottom-left), and Skylab 4 (bottom-right)

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