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Project Mercury was the first human spaceflight program of the United States. Its goal was to put a man into Earth orbit and bring him back safely, ideally before the Soviet Union (under the Vostok programme). Although it failed to launch the first humans to space, its success laid the groundwork for Project Gemini, which in turn paved the way for Project Apollo to put the first people on the Moon by the end of the 1960s


  • Due to limitations on surviving orbital and suborbital trajectory data, this addon only includes the following missions: MR-3, MR-4, MA-4, MA-5, MA-6, MA-7, MA-8, and MA-9
  • Replaces the stock installation of the last three Mercury orbital flights (MA-6 to 9)
  • Since almost all Mercury missions lasted only a few hours, refer to the table below and follow this Tutorial on how to view them on Celestia.

Montage of six crewed Mercury flights, 1961-1963

Project Mercury
Mission Start End
Big Joe 1 1959-Sept-9
Mercury-Atlas 1 1960-Jul-29
Mercury-Redstone 1 1960-Nov-21
Mercury-Redstone 1A 1960-Dec-19
Mercury-Redstone 2 1961-Jan-31
Mercury-Atlas 2 1961-Feb-21
Mercury-Redstone BD 1961-Mar-24
Mercury-Atlas 3 1961-Apr-25
Mercury-Redstone 3 (Freedom 7) 1961-May-5
Mercury-Redstone 4 (Liberty Bell 7) 1961-Jul-21
Mercury-Atlas 4 1961-Sept-13
Mercury-Atlas 5 1961-Nov-29
Mercury-Atlas 6 (Friendship 7) 1962-Feb-20
Mercury-Atlas 7 (Aurora 7) 1962-May-24
Mercury-Atlas 8 (Sigma 7) 1962-Oct-3
Mercury-Atlas 9 (Faith 7) 1963-May-151963-May-16
Timeline of all Project Mercury flights from 1959 to 1963. Only the flights after May 1961 are available on this addon

MR-3 (Freedom 7)

MR-4 (Liberty Bell 7)

MA-6 (Friendship 7)

MA-7 (Aurora 7)

MA-8 (Sigma 7)

MA-9 (Faith 7)

The original Mercury Seven astronauts, 1960

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