Salyut 7

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Salyut 7 is the last space station of the Soviet Union's Salyut programme, which ran from 1982 to 1991. It is originally built as a backup to Salyut 6, and delays to the Core Module of Mir has led to its approval to launch into space. It had hosted 10 long-term expeditions (one of which lasted for 237 days). Although not as successful as its immediate predecessor, it twice became the site of one of the greatest spaceflight missions of all time, the first of which (the salvage/repair mission of Soyuz T-13 in 1985), became the basis of Klim Shipenko's semifictional historical disaster film, Salyut 7, in 2017


  • Requires the Mir addon for the Soyuz T-15 mission to fully work properly

Salyut Program
Mission Destination Start End
Date Time (UTC) Date Time (UTC)
Salyut 7 - 1982-Apr-1909:58:041991-Feb-0704:00:00
Soyuz T-5 Salyut 7 1982-May-1309:58:041982-Aug-2715:04:16
Soyuz T-6 Salyut 7 1982-Jun-2616:29:481982-Jul-0212:20:40
Soyuz T-7 Salyut 7 1982-Aug-1917:11:521982-Dec-1010:02:36
Soyuz T-8 Salyut 7 1983-Apr-2013:10:541983-Apr-2213:28:42
Docking failure
Soyuz T-9 Salyut 7 1983-Jun-2709:12:181983-Feb-0219:58:19
Soyuz T-10-1 Salyut 7 1983-Sep-2619:37:491983-Sep-2619:43:02
Launch failure
Soyuz T-10 Salyut 7 1984-Feb-0212:07:261984-Apr-1110:48:48
Soyuz T-11 Salyut 7 1984-Apr-0313:08:421984-Oct-0210:56:30
Soyuz T-12 Salyut 7 1984-Jul-1717:40:541984-Jul-2912:55:30
Soyuz T-13 Salyut 7 1985-Jun-0606:39:521985-Sep-2609:51:58
Soyuz T-14 Salyut 7 1985-Sep-1712:38:521985-Nov-2110:31:00
Soyuz T-15 Salyut 7 1986-Mar-1312:33:091986-Jul-1612:34:05
Timeline of Soyuz flights to Salyut 7, 1982-1986

Salyut Program
Mission Start End
Date Time (UTC) Date Time (UTC)
Progress 13 1982-May-2305:57:001982-Jun-0600:05:00
Progress 14 1982-Jul-1019:58:001982-Aug-1301:29:00
Progress 15 1982-Sep-1804:59:001982-Oct-1617:08:00
Progress 16 1982-Oct-3111:20:001982-Dec-1417:17:00
Cosmos 1443 (TKS-3) 1983-Mar-0209:37:081983-Sep-1900:28:00
Progress 17 1983-Aug-1712:08:001983-Sep-1723:40:00
Progress 18 1983-Oct-2009:59:001983-Nov-1604:18:00
Progress 19 1984-Feb-2106:46:051984-Apr-0118:18:00
Progress 20 1984-Apr-1508:12:531984-May-0700:32:51
Progress 21 1984-May-0722:47:151984-May-2615:00:30
Progress 22 1984-May-2814:12:521984-Jul-1518:52:00
Progress 23 1984-Aug-1406:28:151984-Aug-2801:28:00
Progress 24 1985-Jun-2500:39:411985-Jul-1522:33:31
Cosmos 1669 1985-Jul-1913:05:081985-Aug-3001:20:00
Cosmos 1686 (TKS-4) 1985-Sep-2708:41:421991-Feb-0704:00:00
Timeline of Progress and TKS flights to Salyut 7, 1982-1985

Salyut 7 and Soyuz T-5 as viewed by the approaching crew of Soyuz T-6, June 1982

Salyut 7 drifting uncontrollably in space during the arrival of the Soyuz T-13, June 1985

The crew of Soyuz T-13, Viktor Savinykh (left) and Vladimir Dzhanibekov (right), repairing the crippled Salyut 7, June 1985

Salyut 7 and Soyuz T-14 as viewed by the departing crew of Soyuz T-13, September 1985

Salyut 7 and Cosmos 1686 during the arrival of Soyuz T-15 (this crew also visited Mir at the same time), May 1986

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