Salyut 5

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Salyut 5, also known secretly as Almaz 3, was a Soviet space station in orbit for only 14 months between 1976 and 1977. Like Salyut 2 and 3 before it, Salyut 5 was designed to be a manned spy satellite for the Soviet military. However, only 2 out of 3 crew missions arriving in Soyuz 7K-T spacecraft visited and operated the station before the whole Almaz program was cancelled and replaced entirely by robotic spy satellites. It is the seventh space station launched as part of the Salyut series

NOTE: Requires the Soyuz: 1971-1981 addon for the visiting missions

Salyut Program
Mission Start End
Salyut 5 (Almaz 3) 1976-Jun-221977-Aug-8

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