Boeing Starliner

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The CST-100 (Starliner) is one of two crewed US spacecraft alongside the SpaceX Dragon 2 designed to transport crew to and from the ISS and any other future commercial space station. Designed and manufactured by Boeing, this partially reusable spacecraft first flew in 2019, and is expected to carry humans to space as early as April 2024


  • Requires the International Space Station add-on installed first for this to work properly on Celestia
  • Depending on the current date, a Starliner spacecraft may or may not be present in simulation. Refer to the table below on when each mission has visited the station
  • The "Go-to Object" button will take you to the most recent mission of the program. As of October 23rd, this mission is Boeing OFT-2

Boeing Starliner
Mission Start End
Boeing OFT-1 (Calypso) 2019-Dec-202019-Dec-22
First uncrewed test flight. Failed to reach the ISS
Boeing OFT-2 2022-May-192022-May-25
Successful reflight of the OFT mission
Boeing CFT (Calypso) 2024-Apr
Boeing Crewed Flight Test
Boeing Starliner-1 2025
ISS (Expedition TBA)
Boeing Starliner-2 2026
ISS (Expedition TBA)
Boeing Starliner-3 2027
ISS (Expedition TBA)
Boeing Starliner-4 2028
ISS (Expedition TBA)
Boeing Starliner-5 2029
ISS (Expedition TBA)
Boeing Starliner-6 2030
ISS (Expedition TBA)
Timeline of Boeing Starliner flights

Launch of Boeing OFT-1, the first Starliner spaceflight, 2019-Dec-19

Boeing OFT-2 approaching the ISS, 2022-May-21

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