Soyuz: 1986-Present

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The Soyuz spacecraft is a Soviet/Russian crewed spacecraft that were in active service since 1967. Originally built as part of the Soviet Manned Lunar Program, it was then redesigned as a shuttlecraft for LEO space stations starting in 1971. This addon covers all Soyuz flights that have occurred from 1986 to the Present Day, where the modernized fourth-generation redesign became operational


  • All flights require the Mir and ISS addons installed first for this to work properly
  • The default Go-to button will take you to the program's most recent mission launched, which as of 2023-Oct-28, this mission is Soyuz MS-25
  • To view other Soyuz missions since 1986, refer to the dates written on the Table below

Mission Start End
Soyuz TM (1986-2002)
Soyuz TM-1 1986-May-231986-May-29
Uncrewed test flight to Mir
Soyuz TM-2 1987-Feb-71987-Jul-29
Mir (Expedition 2)
Soyuz TM-3 1987-Jul-241987-Dec-29
Soyuz TM-4 1987-Dec-231988-Jun-17
Mir (Expedition 3)
Soyuz TM-5 1988-Jun-91988-Sept-5
Soyuz TM-6 1988-Aug-311988-Dec-21
Soyuz TM-7 1988-Nov-281989-Apr-26
Mir (Expedition 4)
Soyuz TM-8 1989-Sept-71990-Feb-19
Mir (Expedition 5)
Soyuz TM-9 1990-Feb-131990-Aug-9
Mir (Expedition 6)
Soyuz TM-10 1990-Aug-31990-Dec-10
Mir (Expedition 7)
Soyuz TM-11 1990-Dec-41991-May-26
Mir (Expedition 8)
Soyuz TM-12 1991-May-201991-Oct-10
Mir (Expedition 9)
Soyuz TM-13 1991-Oct-41992-Mar-25
Mir (Expedition 10), also the last crewed spaceflight of the USSR
Soyuz TM-14 1992-Mar-191992-Aug-9
Mir (Expedition 11)
Soyuz TM-15 1992-Jul-291993-Feb-1
Mir (Expedition 12)
Soyuz TM-16 1993-Jan-261993-Jul-22
Mir (Expedition 13)
Soyuz TM-17 1993-Jul-31994-Jan-14
Mir (Expedition 14)
Soyuz TM-18 1994-Jan-101994-Jul-9
Mir (Expedition 15)
Soyuz TM-19 1994-Jul-31994-Nov-4
Mir (Expedition 16)
Soyuz TM-20 1994-Oct-61995-Mar-22
Mir (Expedition 17)
Soyuz TM-21 1995-Mar-161995-Sept-11
Mir (Expedition 18)
Soyuz TM-22 1995-Sept-51996-Feb-29
Mir (Expedition 20)
Soyuz TM-23 1996-Feb-3196-Sept-2
Mir (Expedition 21)
Soyuz TM-24 1996-Aug-191997-Feb-7
Mir (Expedition 22)
Soyuz TM-25 1997-Feb-121997-Aug-14
Mir (Expedition 23)
Soyuz TM-26 1997-Aug-71998-Feb-19
Mir (Expedition 24)
Soyuz TM-27 1998-Jan-311998-Aug-25
Mir (Expedition 25)
Soyuz TM-28 1998-Aug-151999-Feb-27
Mir (Expedition 26)
Soyuz TM-29 1999-Feb-221999-Aug-27
Mir (Expedition 27)
Soyuz TM-30 2000-Apr-62000-Jun-15
Mir (Expedition 28)
Soyuz TM-31 2000-Nov-22001-May-6
ISS (Expedition 1)
Soyuz TM-32 2001-Apr-302001-Oct-31
ISS tourism spaceflight
Soyuz TM-33 2001-Oct-232002-May-5
Soyuz TM-34 2002-Apr-272002-Nov-9
ISS tourism spaceflight
Soyuz TMA (2002-2016)
Soyuz TMA-1 2002-Nov-12003-May-3
Soyuz TMA-2 2003-Apr-282003-Oct-27
ISS (Expedition 7)
Soyuz TMA-3 2003-Oct-202004-Apr-29
ISS (Expedition 8)
Soyuz TMA-4 2004-Apr-212004-Oct-23
ISS (Expedition 9)
Soyuz TMA-5 2004-Oct-152005-Apr-24
ISS (Expedition 10)
Soyuz TMA-6 2005-Apr-172005-Oct-10
ISS (Expedition 11)
Soyuz TMA-7 2005-Oct-32006-Apr-8
ISS (Expedition 12)
Soyuz TMA-8 2006-Apr-12006-Sept-28
ISS (Expedition 13)
Soyuz TMA-9 2006-Sept-202007-Apr-21
ISS (Expedition 14), longest Soyuz spaceflight ever
Soyuz TMA-10 2007-Apr-92007-Oct-21
ISS (Expedition 15)
Soyuz TMA-11 2007-Oct-122008-Apr-19
ISS (Expedition 16)
Soyuz TMA-12 2008-Apr-102008-Oct-24
ISS (Expedition 17)
Soyuz TMA-13 2008-Oct-142009-Apr-19
ISS (Expedition 18)
Soyuz TMA-14 2009-Mar-282009-Jul-2
ISS (Expedition 19/20)
Soyuz TMA-15 2009-May-292009-Dec-1
ISS (Expedition 20/21)
Soyuz TMA-16 2009-Oct-22010-Mar-18
ISS (Expedition 21/22)
Soyuz TMA-17 2009-Dec-222010-Jun-2
ISS (Expedition 22/23)
Soyuz TMA-18 2010-Apr-42010-Sept-25
ISS (Expedition 23/24)
Soyuz TMA-19 2010-Jun-172010-Nov-26
ISS (Expedition 24/25)
Soyuz TMA-01M 2010-Oct-102011-Mar-16
ISS (Expedition 25/26)
Soyuz TMA-20 2010-Dec-172011-May-23
ISS (Expedition 26/27)
Soyuz TMA-21 2011-Apr-62011-Sept-16
ISS (Expedition 27/28)
Soyuz TMA-02M 2011-Jun-92011-Nov-21
ISS (Expedition 28/29)
Soyuz TMA-22 2011-Nov-162012-Apr-27
ISS (Expedition 29/30)
Soyuz TMA-03M 2011-Dec-232012-Jul-1
ISS (Expedition 30/31)
Soyuz TMA-04M 2012-May-172012-Sept-16
ISS (Expedition 31/32)
Soyuz TMA-05M 2012-Jul-172012-Nov-18
ISS (Expedition 32/33)
Soyuz TMA-06M 2012-Oct-252013-Mar-15
ISS (Expedition 33/34)
Soyuz TMA-07M 2012-Dec-212013-May-14
ISS (Expedition 34/35)
Soyuz TMA-08M 2013-Mar-292013-Sept-10
ISS (Expedition 35/36)
Soyuz TMA-09M 2013-May-292013-Nov-10
ISS (Expedition 36/37)
Soyuz TMA-10M 2013-Sept-262014-Mar-11
ISS (Expedition 37/38)
Soyuz TMA-11M 2013-Nov-72014-May-13
ISS (Expedition 38/39)
Soyuz TMA-12M 2014-Mar-272014-Sept-10
ISS (Expedition 39/40)
Soyuz TMA-13M 2014-May-292014-Nov-10
ISS (Expedition 40/41)
Soyuz TMA-14M 2014-Sept-262015-Mar-11
ISS (Expedition 41/42)
Soyuz TMA-15M 2014-Nov-242015-Jun-11
ISS (Expedition 42/43)
Soyuz TMA-16M 2015-Mar-282015-Sept-11
ISS (Expedition 43/44), One Year Mission 1
Soyuz TMA-17M 2015-Jul-232015-Dec-11
ISS (Expedition 44/45)
Soyuz TMA-18M 2015-Sept-42016-Mar-2
ISS (Expedition 45/46)
Soyuz TMA-19M 2015-Dec-152016-Jun-18
ISS (Expedition 46/47)
Soyuz TMA-20M 2016-Mar-192016-Sept-6
ISS (Expedition 47/48)
Soyuz MS (2016-Present)
Soyuz MS-01 2016-Jul-92016-Oct-30
ISS (Expedition 48/49)
Soyuz MS-02 2016-Oct-212017-Apr-10
ISS (Expedition 49/50)
Soyuz MS-03 2016-Nov-192017-Jun-2
ISS (Expedition 50/51)
Soyuz MS-04 2017-Apr-202017-Sept-2
ISS (Expedition 51/52)
Soyuz MS-05 2017-Jul-282017-Dec-14
ISS (Expedition 52/53)
Soyuz MS-06 2017-Sept-132018-Feb-27
ISS (Expedition 53/54)
Soyuz MS-07 2017-Dec-192018-Jun-3
ISS (Expedition 54/55)
Soyuz MS-08 2018-Mar-232018-Oct-4
ISS (Expedition 55/56)
Soyuz MS-09 2018-Jun-82018-Dec-20
ISS (Expedition 56/57/58)
Soyuz MS-10 2018-Oct-11
Launch failure, mission aborted
Soyuz MS-11 2018-Dec-32019-Jun-24
ISS (Expedition 58/59)
Soyuz MS-12 2019-Mar-152019-Oct-3
ISS (Expedition 59/60), One Year Mission 2
Soyuz MS-13 2019-Jul-202020-Feb-6
ISS (Expedition 60/61)
Soyuz MS-14 2019-Aug-242019-Sept-6
Uncrewed test flight to the ISS
Soyuz MS-15 2019-Sept-252020-Apr-17
ISS (Expedition 61/62)
Soyuz MS-16 2020-Apr-92020-Oct-21
ISS (Expedition 62/63)
Soyuz MS-17 2020-Oct-142021-Apr-17
ISS (Expedition 63/64)
Soyuz MS-18 2021-Apr-92021-Oct-17
ISS (Expedition 64/65), One-Year Mission 3
Soyuz MS-19 2021-Oct-52022-Mar-30
ISS (Expedition 65/66B), shooting for the film Vyzob (The Challenge)
Soyuz MS-20 2021-Dec-82021-Dec-19
ISS tourism spaceflight
Soyuz MS-21 2022-Mar-182022-Sept-29
ISS (Expedition 66/67B)
Soyuz MS-22 2022-Sept-212023-Mar-28
ISS (Expedition 67/68/69), One-Year Mission 4
Soyuz MS-23 2023-Feb-242023-Sept-27
Uncrewed replacement for Soyuz MS-22
Soyuz MS-24 2023-Sept-152024-Apr-8
ISS (Expedition 69/70/71), One-Year Mission 5
Soyuz MS-25 2024-Mar-252024-Oct
ISS (Expedition 71/72)
Soyuz MS-26 2024-Sept2025
ISS (Expedition TBA)
Timeline of all Soyuz spaceflights since 1986

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