SpaceX Dragon 1

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The original SpaceX Dragon were a fleet of 14 partially reusable cargo spacecraft that flew 21 times to the International Space Station from 2012 to 2020. It is also the first commercial spacecraft recovered after the conclusion of its maiden test flight in 2010. Its success led to the development of its successor, the SpaceX Dragon 2, which flew crew and cargo to the ISS since 2019


  • Since all SpaceX Dragon missions go to the ISS, the default Go-to button will automatically go to the station itself and not any of the specific missions. As such, they will only appear on specific dates specified on the Table below
  • Except for Dragon C1, all subsequent missions require the International Space Station addon installed first

SpaceX Dragon 1
Mission Start End
Dragon COTS-1 2010-Dec-8
Orbital test flight. Maiden launch of Falcon 9
Dragon COTS-2+ 2012-May-252012-May-31
First commercial resupply mission to the ISS
SpaceX CRS-1 2012-Oct-102012-Oct-28
SpaceX CRS-2 2013-Mar-32013-Mar-26
SpaceX CRS-3 2014-Apr-202014-May-18
SpaceX CRS-4 2014-Sept-232014-Oct-25
SpaceX CRS-5 2015-Jan-122015-Feb-10
SpaceX CRS-6 2015-Apr-172015-May-21
SpaceX CRS-7 2015-Jun-27
Destroyed in a launch failure
SpaceX CRS-8 2016-Apr-102016-May-11
Delivered the BEAM module to the ISS
SpaceX CRS-9 2016-Jul-202016-Aug-25
Delivered the IDA-2 adapter to the ISS
SpaceX CRS-10 2017-Feb-232017-Mar-18
SpaceX CRS-11 2017-Jun-52017-Jul-2
First Dragon capsule reflown to space
SpaceX CRS-12 2017-Aug-162017-Sept-17
SpaceX CRS-13 2017-Dec-172018-Jan-12
SpaceX CRS-14 2018-Apr-42018-May-5
SpaceX CRS-15 2018-Jul-22018-Aug-3
SpaceX CRS-16 2018-Dec-82019-Jan-13
SpaceX CRS-17 2019-May-62019-Jun-3
SpaceX CRS-18 2019-Jul-272019-Aug-27
Delivered the IDA-3 adapter to the ISS
SpaceX CRS-19 2019-Dec-82020-Jan-7
SpaceX CRS-20 2012-Mar-232012-Oct-3
Delivered the Bartolomeo platform to the ISS
Timeline of SpaceX Dragon 1 flights (2010-2020)

A Falcon 9 V1.0 (Block 1) rocket launching SpaceX CRS-2 to the ISS, 2013-Mar-1

SpaceX CRS-12 being grappled by the Canadarm2 shortly before berthing to the ISS, 2017-Aug-16

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