Dream Chaser (2024)

Author(s): DaveBowman2001

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Sierra Space's Dream Chaser is a reusable spaceplane capable of delivering cargo to and from the International Space Station and its future successors, like the Axiom and Orbital Reef stations. An indirect descendant of NASA's cancelled HL-20 project, it was originally intended to carry a seven-person crew into LEO, but this capability will be implemented after the cargo variant becomes operational, now tentatively scheduled for launch on June 2024


  • The current designs for the cargo and crew variants of Dream Chaser are identically the same externally. The original 2011-2014 concept that competed for the Commercial Crew Program is a separate add-on called >Dream Chaser (2014)
  • Depending on the current date, a Dream Chaser may or may not be present in simulation. Refer to the table below on when each mission will appear on Celestia
  • The "Go-to Object" button will take you to the most recent mission of the program. As of February 17th, this mission is SNC Demo-1

Dream Chaser
Mission Start End
SNC Demo-1 (Tenacity) 2024-Jun2024
SNC CRS-1 (Tenacity) 2024
SNC CRS-2 (Tenacity) 2024
SNC CRS-3 (Tenacity) 2025
SNC CRS-4 (Reverence) 2025
DC UNOOSA-1 2025
Carry 35 payloads to LEO for the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)
SNC CRS-5 2026
SNC CRS-6 2026
Timeline of Dream Chaser flights (since 2024)

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