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Salyut 1 was a Soviet space station in orbit for only six months in 1971. It is notable for being the very first space station to be ever launched into space, beating Skylab for over two years. This station and all its successors became the primary goal of the Soviet space program after they lost the Moon Race with the landing of Apollo 11 in 1969. A single three-cosmonaut crew (Soyuz 11) successfully visited and stayed aboard the station for 23 days, however they were killed just before reentry when their return capsule depressurized, making them the only humans to ever die in space

NOTE: Both Soyuz 10 and Soyuz 11 are included on the Soyuz: 1971-1981 addon

Salyut Program
Mission Start End
Salyut 1 (DOS-1) 1971-Apr-191971-Oct-11
DOS-2 1972-Jul-29
Identical design to Salyut 1, failed to reach orbit. Crashed in the Pacific Ocean

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