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The SpaceX Dragon 2 is a class of partially reusable spacecraft primarily used for flights to and from the ISS in addition to some private missions. It is a successor of the Dragon 1, and was developed along with the Boeing Starliner to replace the crew/cargo functions of the Space Shuttle. It first flew in 2019, and has flown a total of 12 crew and 8 cargo missions in space (as of October 2023)


The following list below must be installed for Soyuz missions visiting space stations:


  • The "Go-to Object" button will take you to the most recent mission of the program. As of October 23rd, this mission is SpaceX Crew-7
  • The Inspiration4 mission is now included here, which was previously posted as a separate add-on

Crew Dragon (space station missions)

SpaceX Dragon 2
Mission Start End
Crew Dragon
SpaceX Demo-1 2019-Mar-22019-Mar-8
Uncrewed test flight to the ISS
SpaceX IFA 2020-Jan-19
In-flight Abort Test Mission
SpaceX Demo-2 (Endeavour) 2020-May-302020-Aug-2
ISS (Expedition 63)
SpaceX Crew-1 (Resilience) 2020-Nov-162021-May-2
ISS (Expedition 64/65)
SpaceX Crew-2 (Endeavour) 2021-Apr-232021-Nov-9
ISS (Expedition 65/66A)
Inspiration4 (Resilience) 2021-Sept-162021-Sept-18
3-day LEO tourism flight
SpaceX Crew-3 (Endurance) 2021-Nov-112022-May-6
ISS (Expedition 66/67A)
Axiom Mission-1 (Endeavour) 2022-Apr-82022-Apr-25
17-day private ISS mission
SpaceX Crew-4 (Freedom) 2022-Apr-272022-Oct-14
ISS (Expedition 67/68)
SpaceX Crew-5 (Endurance) 2022-Oct-52023-Mar
ISS (Expedition 68)
SpaceX Crew-6 (Endeavour) 2023-Mar-22023-Sept-4
ISS (Expedition 69)
Axiom Mission-2 (Freedom) 2023-May-222023-Jun
16-day private ISS mission
SpaceX Crew-7 (Endurance) 2023-Aug2024-Mar
ISS (Expedition 69/70A)
Axiom Mission-3 2024-Jan
Polaris Dawn (Resilience) 2024-Mar
5-day LEO tourism flight
SpaceX Crew-8 (Endeavour) 2024-Feb2024-Aug
ISS (Expedition 70/71)
Axiom Mission-3 2024-Oct
SpaceX Crew-9 2024-Aug2025
ISS (Expedition TBA)
Vast-1 2025-Sept2025-Oct
Haven-1 (Expedition 1)
Vast-2 2026
Haven-1 (Expedition 2)
Cargo Dragon
SpaceX CRS-21 2020-Dec-62021-Jan-14
Delivered the Bishop Airlock to the ISS
SpaceX CRS-22 2021-Jun-32021-Jul-10
Delivered the first two iROSA arrays to the ISS
SpaceX CRS-23 2021-Aug-292021-Oct-1
SpaceX CRS-24 2021-Dec-212022-Jan-24
SpaceX CRS-25 2022-Jul-152022-Aug-20
SpaceX CRS-26 2022-Nov-262023-Jan-11
Delivered the second two iROSA arrays to the ISS
SpaceX CRS-27 2023-Mar-152023-Apr
SpaceX CRS-28 2023-Jun-52023-Jun-30
Delivered the third two iROSA arrays to the ISS
SpaceX CRS-29 2023-Nov-42023-Dec
SpaceX CRS-30 2024-May2024-Jun
Timeline of Dragon 2 flights, both crew and cargo versions

Crew Dragon (Inspiration4)

Cargo Dragon 2

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