Week 20, 2022: The Milky Way's Central Black Hole Imaged for the First Time!

The supermassive black hole from the center of the Milky Way called Sagittarius A*

On May 12, 2022, the Event Horizon Telescope has publicly revealed the actual image of the supermassive black hole from the center of our own galaxy, the Milky Way! At around 27,000 light-years distant from Earth, it is the second such black hole imaged after Pōwehi, the central black hole from Messier 87, in 2019.

You can download the Milky Way Center addon to view this magnificent black hole in Celestia

Source: Event Horizon Telescope

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Asteroids & NEOs

223 Rosa, a large main-belt asteroid potentially targeted for the JUICE mission in 2029

  • 223 Rosa by <Snowfall-The-Cat, Zemlyanin and Joseph Morgan
  • 2022 NEOs by Anthony_B_Russo10

The four confirmed planets of HD 40307


Hovering over Pandora, in James Cameron's Avatar (2009)

Hypothetical & Disproven

Planet Nine, a yet undiscovered superterran/neptunian planet in the Solar System


The Eskimo Nebula, also known as NGC 2392

Planets & Moons

Molten lava lakes glowing on the night side of Io


The Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) orbiting around Ganymede, 2035


[DBS2003] 75, a compact young star cluster about 18,300 light-years away from Earth

Trans-Neptunian Objects

The former tenth planet, Eris

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