Week 30, 2022: Wentian Module Launches and Arrives at Tiangong

The Wentian module lifting off from Wenchang SLC (left), and undergoing prelaunch processing (right).

On July 24, 2022 (06:22 UTC) the first expansion module of the Tiangong Space Station, Wentian, has successfully launched aboard a Long March 5B rocket from Wenchang Space Launch Center in Hainan, China. The module then arrived at the station just 13 hours later, where the crew of Shenzhou 14 successfully entering it for the first time on the next day. Preparations are currently underway to move the module from its present position on the forward docking port to one of Tianhe's radial docking ports in the following days

You can download the Tiangong Space Station addon to see the space complex grow in Celestia.

You can also download the Astroweather app to see when real time locations of space stations and when they pass over you.

Source: Spaceflight Now

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