Week 23, 2022: InSight Lander to End Four-Year-long Mission by December 2022

Final self-portrait image of InSight, taken on April 24, 2022

InSight will end its mission on Mars this year, after engineers calculated it would not produce sufficient power at the end of Martian summer due to intense covering of dust in its solar panels. It might come out as soon as July 2022, but if all things goes well, it will slowly power down each instrument one by one until it is finally decommissioned by December 2022.

The 12th mission of NASA's Discovery Program, InSight was launched in May 5, 2018 aboard an Atlas V rocket from Vandenberg AFB in California, USA (a first in planetary exploration history). Shortly after the global dust storm (that killed Opportunity) ended, the spacecraft landed on Elysium Planitia on November 26, 2018 and started its four-year mission to study the interior of the Red Planet

The InSight lander is available for download in the Spacecrafts category here

Source: DW

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