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The Space Shuttle program is NASA's manned space program that ran during the post-Apollo era from 1981 to 2011. It flew 135 missions, of which 133 of them were successful (the other two led to the catastrophic failures that killed a total of 14 astronauts in 1986 and 2003). There are five operational Space Shuttle orbiters built (Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavour), with the first two destroyed in the aforementioned accidents. See the table below to view each shuttle mission by date


  • Requires Mir, ISS, and Hubble addons for some specific missions to fully work properly
  • Major payloads will either be released as separate add-ons or be included right here in future updates

Space Shuttle
Mission Destination Start End
STS-1 LEO 1981-Apr-121981-Apr-14
STS-2 LEO 1981-Nov-121981-Nov-14
STS-3 LEO 1982-Mar-221982-Mar-30
STS-4 LEO 1982-Jun-271982-Jul-4
STS-5 LEO 1982-Nov-111982-Nov-16
ColumbiaSBS-3, Anik C3 (first satellite deployment mission)
STS-6 LEO 1983-Apr-41983-Apr-9
STS-7 LEO 1983-Jun-181983-Jun-24
ChallengerAnik C2, Palapa B1, SPAS-1, flight of Sally Ride
STS-8 LEO 1983-Aug-301983-Sept-5
ChallengerDeployed INSAT-1
STS-9 LEO 1983-Nov-281983-Dec-8
STS-41-B LEO 1984-Feb-31984-Feb-11
ChallengerPalapa B2, Westar 6 (both stranded), SPAS-1A
STS-41-C SolarMax 1984-Apr-61984-Apr-13
ChallengerLDEF, repaired SolarMax
STS-41-D LEO 1984-Aug-301984-Sept-5
DiscoverySBS-4, Telstar 303, Leasat 2
STS-41-G LEO 1984-Oct-51984-Oct-13
ChallengerEarth Radiation Budget Satellite
STS-51-A Palapa B2 1984-Nov-81984-Nov-16
DiscoveryWestar 6Anik D2, Leasat 1, retrieved stranded satellites from STS-41-B
STS-51-C LEO 1985-Jan-241985-Jan-27
DiscoveryClassified DoD mission, deployed Magnum-1
STS-51-D LEO 1985-Apr-121985-Apr-19
DiscoveryAnik C1, Leasat 3 (stranded)
STS-51-B LEO 1985-Apr-291985-May-6
STS-51-G LEO 1985-Jun-171985-Jun-24
DiscoveryArabsat-1B, Morelos 1, Telstar 304, SPARTAN-201
STS-51-F LEO 1985-Jul-291985-Aug-6
ChallengerAbort-to-Orbit, Spacelab-2
STS-51-I Leasat 3 1985-Aug-271985-Sept-3
DiscoveryAussat 1, ASC-1, Leasat 4, repaired Leasat 3
STS-51-J LEO 1985-Oct-31985-Oct-7
AtlantisClassified DoD mission, deployed two DSCS-3 satellites
STS-61-A LEO 1985-Oct-301985-Nov-6
STS-61-B LEO 1985-Nov-271985-Dec-3
AtlantisAussat 2, Morelos 2, Satcom-K2
STS-61-C LEO 1986-Jan-121986-Jan-18
STS-51-L - 1986-Jan-28
ChallengerTDRS-2, disintegrated during ascent, T+73 seconds
STS-26 LEO 1988-Sept-291988-Oct-3
DiscoveryTDRS-3, Return-to-Flight
STS-27 LEO 1988-Dec-21988-Dec-6
AtlantisClassified DoD mission, deployed Lacrosse-1
STS-29 LEO 1989-Mar-131989-Mar-18
STS-30 LEO 1989-May-41989-May-8
AtlantisMagellan (1989-1994)
STS-28 LEO 1989-Aug-81989-Aug-13
ColumbiaClassified DoD mission, deployed SDS 2-1
STS-34 LEO 1989-Oct-181989-Oct-23
AtlantisGalileo (1989-2003)
STS-33 LEO 1989-Nov-231989-Nov=28
DiscoveryClassified DoD mission, deployed Magnum-2
STS-32 LDEF 1990-Jan-91990-Jan-20
ColumbiaLeasat 5, retrieved LDEF
STS-36 LEO 1990-Feb-281990-Mar-4
AtlantisClassified DoD mission, deployed a KH-11 spy satellite
STS-31 - 1990-Apr-241990-Apr-29
DiscoveryHubble Space Telescope
STS-41 LEO 1990-Oct-61990-Oct-10
DiscoveryUlysses (1990-2009)
STS-38 LEO 1990-Nov-151990-Nov-20
AtlantisClassified DoD mission, deployed SDS 2-2 and Prowler
STS-35 LEO 1990-Dec-21990-Dec-11
STS-37 LEO 1990-Apr-51990-Apr-11
AtlantisCompton GRO (1991-2000)
STS-39 LEO 1991-Apr-281991-May-6
DiscoveryClassified DoD mission
STS-40 LEO 1991-Jun-51991-Jun-14
ColumbiaSpacelab SLS-1
STS-43 LEO 1991-Aug-21991-Aug-11
STS-48 LEO 1991-Sept-121991-Sept-18
DiscoveryUARS (1991-2011)
STS-44 LEO 1991-Aug-21991-Aug-11
AtlantisClassified DoD mission, deployed DSP-16
STS-42 LEO 1992-Jan-221992-Jan-30
DiscoverySpacelab IML-1
STS-45 LEO 1992-Mar-241992-Apr-2
STS-49 Intelsat 603 1992-May-71992-May-16
EndeavourRepaired Intelsat 603
STS-50 LEO 1992-Jun-251992-Jul-9
ColumbiaSpacelab USML-1
STS-46 LEO 1992-Jul-311992-Aug-8
AtlantisEURECA, TSS-1
STS-47 LEO 1992-Sept-121992-Sept-20
STS-52 LEO 1992-Oct-221992-Nov-1
ColumbiaUSMP-1, LAGEOS-2
STS-53 LEO 1992-Dec-21992-Dec-9
DiscoveryClassified DoD mission, deployed SDS 2-3
STS-54 LEO 1992-Sept-121992-Sept-20
STS-56 LEO 1993-Apr-81993-Apr-17
DiscoveryATLAS-2, SPARTAN-201
STS-55 LEO 1993-Apr-261993-May-6
STS-57 EURECA 1993-Jun-211993-Jul-1
EndeavourSPACEHAB-1, retrieved EURECA
STS-51 LEO 1993-Sept-121993-Sept-22
STS-58 LEO 1993-Oct-181993-Nov-1
ColumbiaSpacelab SLS-2
STS-61 Hubble 1993-Dec-21993-Dec-13
EndeavourHubble Servicing Mission 1
STS-60 LEO 1994-Feb-31994-Feb-11
DiscoverySPACEHAB-2, WSF-1
STS-62 LEO 1994-Mar-41994-Mar-18
STS-59 LEO 1994-Apr-91994-Apr-20
EndeavourSpacelab SRL-1
STS-65 LEO 1994-Jul-81994-Jul-23
ColumbiaSpacelab IML-2
STS-64 LEO 1994-Sept-91994-Sept-20
STS-68 LEO 1994-Sept-301994-Oct-11
EndeavourSpacelab SRL-2
STS-66 LEO 1994-Nov-31994-Nov-14
STS-63 Mir 1995-Feb-31995-Feb-11
DiscoverySPACEHAB-3, rendezvous with Mir
STS-67 LEO 1995-Mar-21995-Mar-18
STS-71 Mir 1995-Jun-271995-Jul-7
AtlantisShuttle-Mir mission, Spacelab
STS-70 LEO 1995-Jul-131995-Jul-22
STS-69 LEO 1995-Sept-71995-Sept-18
EndeavourWSF-2, SPARTAN-204
STS-73 LEO 1995-Oct-201995-Nov-5
ColumbiaSpacelab USML-2
STS-74 Mir 1995-Nov-121995-Nov-20
AtlantisShuttle-Mir mission, Docking Module
STS-72 SFU 1996-Jan-111996-Jan-20
EndeavourRetrieved the Space Flyer Unit (SFU)
STS-75 LEO 1996-Feb-221996-Mar-9
ColumbiaUSMP-3, TSS-1R
STS-74 Mir 1996-Mar-221996-Mar-31
AtlantisShuttle-Mir mission, SPACEHAB-4
STS-77 LEO 1996-May-191996-May-29
EndeavourSPACEHAB-5, SPARTAN-207
STS-78 LEO 1996-Jun-201996-Jul-7
ColumbiaSpacelab LMS
STS-79 Mir 1996-Sept-161996-Sept-24
AtlantisShuttle-Mir mission, SPACEHAB-6
STS-80 LEO 1996-Nov-191996-Dec-7
ColumbiaWSF-3, ORFEUS-SPAS-2
STS-81 Mir 1997-Jan-121997-Jan-22
AtlantisShuttle-Mir mission, SPACEHAB-7
STS-82 Hubble 1997-Feb-111997-Feb-21
DiscoveryHubble Servicing Mission 2
STS-83 LEO 1997-Apr-41997-Apr-8
ColumbiaSpacelab MSL-1
STS-84 Mir 1997-May-151997-May-24
AtlantisShuttle-Mir mission, SPACEHAB-8
STS-94 LEO 1997-Jul-11997-Jul-17
ColumbiaSpacelab MSL-1R
STS-85 LEO 1997-Aug-71997-Aug-19
STS-86 Mir 1997-Sept-261997-Oct-6
AtlantisShuttle-Mir mission, SPACEHAB-9
STS-87 LEO 1997-Nov-191997-Dec-5
ColumbiaUSMP-4, SPARTAN-201
STS-89 Mir 1998-Jan-231998-Jan-31
EndeavourShuttle-Mir mission, SPACEHAB-10
STS-90 LEO 1998-Apr-171998-May-3
ColumbiaNeurolab, last Spacelab mission
STS-91 Mir 1998-Jun-21998-Jun-12
DiscoveryShuttle-Mir mission, SPACEHAB-11, AMS-1
STS-95 LEO 1998-Oct-291998-Nov-7
DiscoverySPACEHAB-12, return of John Glenn
STS-88 ISS 1998-Dec-41998-Dec-16
EndeavourISS Assembly, Unity and PMA-2
STS-96 ISS 1999-May-271999-Jun-6
DiscoveryISS Resupply, SPACEHAB-13
STS-93 LEO 1999-Jul-231999-Jul-28
ColumbiaChandra X-ray Observatory
STS-103 Hubble 1999-Dec-201999-Dec-28
DiscoveryHubble Servicing Mission 3A
STS-99 LEO 2000-Feb-112000-Feb-22
EndeavourShuttle Radar Topography Mission
STS-101 ISS 2000-May-192000-May-29
AtlantisISS Resupply, SPACEHAB-14
STS-106 ISS 2000-Sept-82000-Sept-20
AtlantisISS Resupply, SPACEHAB-15
STS-92 ISS 2000-Oct-82000-Oct-24
DiscoveryISS Assembly, Z1 and PMA-3
STS-97 ISS 2000-Dec-12000-Dec-11
EndeavourISS Assembly, P6
STS-98 ISS 2001-Feb-72001-Feb-20
AtlantisISS Assembly, Destiny
STS-102 ISS 2001-Mar-82001-Mar-21
DiscoveryISS Resupply, MPLM-L1 and ESP-1
STS-100 ISS 2001-Apr-192001-May-1
EndeavourISS Resupply, MPLM-R1 and Canadarm2
STS-104 ISS 2001-Jul-122001-Jul-25
AtlantisISS Assembly, Quest
STS-105 ISS 2001-Aug-102001-Aug-22
DiscoveryISS Resupply, MPLM-L2
STS-108 ISS 2001-Dec-52001-Dec-17
EndeavourISS Resupply, MPLM-R2
STS-109 Hubble 2002-Mar-12002-Mar-12
ColumbiaHubble Servicing Mission 3B
STS-110 ISS 2002-Apr-82002-Apr-19
AtlantisISS Assembly, S0
STS-111 ISS 2002-Jun-52002-Jun-19
EndeavourISS Resupply, MPLM-L3 and MBS
STS-112 ISS 2002-Oct-72002-Oct-18
AtlantisISS Assembly, S1
STS-113 ISS 2002-Nov-242002-Dec-7
EndeavourISS Assembly, P1
STS-107 LEO 2003-Jan-162003-Feb-1
ColumbiaSPACEHAB-16, disintegrated during reentry
STS-114 ISS 2005-Jul-262005-Aug-9
DiscoveryISS Resupply, MPLM-R3 and ESP-2
STS-121 ISS 2006-Jul-42006-Jul-17
DiscoveryISS Resupply, MPLM-L4
STS-115 ISS 2006-Sept-92006-Sept-21
AtlantisISS Assembly, P3/P4
STS-116 ISS 2006-Dec-102006-Dec-22
DiscoveryISS Assembly, P5, SPACEHAB-17
STS-117 ISS 2007-Jun-82007-Jun-22
AtlantisISS Assembly, S3/S4
STS-118 ISS 2007-Aug-82007-Aug-21
EndeavourISS Assembly, S5, SPACEHAB-18
STS-120 ISS 2007-Oct-232007-Nov-7
DiscoveryISS Assembly, Harmony
STS-122 ISS 2008-Feb-72008-Feb-20
AtlantisISS Assembly, Columbus
STS-123 ISS 2008-Mar-112008-Mar-27
EndeavourISS Assembly, JEM-ELM, Dextre
STS-124 ISS 2008-May-312008-Jun-14
DiscoveryISS Assembly, JEM-PM
STS-126 ISS 2008-Mar-112008-Mar-27
EndeavourISS Resupply, MPLM-L5
STS-119 ISS 2009-Mar-152009-Mar-28
DiscoveryISS Assembly, S6
STS-125 Hubble 2009-May-112009-May-24
AtlantisHubble Servicing Mission 4
STS-127 ISS 2009-Jul-152009-Jul-31
EndeavourISS Assembly, JEM-EF
STS-128 ISS 2009-Mar-152009-Mar-28
DiscoveryISS Resupply, MPLM-L6
STS-129 ISS 2009-Nov-162009-Nov-27
AtlantisISS Assembly, ELC-1/2
STS-130 ISS 2010-Feb-82010-Feb-22
EndeavourISS Assembly, Tranquility and Cupola
STS-131 ISS 2010-Apr-52010-Apr-20
DiscoveryISS Resupply, MPLM-L7
STS-132 ISS 2010-May-142010-May-26
AtlantisISS Assembly, Rassvet
STS-133 ISS 2011-Feb-242011-Mar-9
DiscoveryISS Assembly, Leonardo and ELC-4
STS-134 ISS 2011-May-162011-Jun-1
EndeavourISS Assembly, AMS-2 and ELC-3
STS-135 ISS 2011-Jul-82011-Jul-21
AtlantisISS Resupply, MPLM-R4
Timeline of every Space Shuttle mission from 1981 to 2011 (essential for manual navigating in Celestia)

OV-102 (Columbia), 1981-2003 (28 flights)

OV-099 (Challenger), 1983-1986 (10 flights)

OV-103 (Discovery), 1984-2011 (39 flights)

OV-104 (Atlantis), 1985-2011 (33 flights)

OV-105 (Endeavour), 1992-2011 (25 flights)

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